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RockItt FanZone

The audio-visual-sexual experience that is RockItt is all about the fans and this area of the website is dedicated to our dedicated fans.  We'll post your comments, your photos and your sexual fantasies about Shag Fury and the rest of the band here [strictly moderated, of course].  To include your comments then you can e-mail us.

Buzz Muffberger - The Mystery Years

I read your website with interest but wanted to correct an error that appears under the biography of your guitarist Buzz Muffberger.  I'm afraid that he has misled you with his fancy talk of intellectual endeavours - he was studying, but not science.  He was actually a fellow student (stage name Kiki MyAss) at the Fifi LeFleur Drag Queen Academy.  I have to say that his (or should I say her?) version of 'Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini' complete with killer stilettos and feather boa had to be seen to be believed!

Miss Dee Bus

[Reply from Buzz Muffberger]: Errmmm.  OK so I did spend a short time at Fifi LeFleur's but that was a long time ago...

Mistaken Identity

I felt I had to contact you to apologise after the embarrassing incident that occurred during your appearance at the 'Bag of Spanners' Public House.  My friend Dolores got completely carried away when your drummer ripped off his shirt to expose his many and varied tattoos and threw her bra on stage.  I'm sorry for the injuries caused - I'm sure the concussion was only mild.  If it is at all possible to return the bra I know Dolores would be very grateful - structurally, its one of a kind!

Felicity Widget-Humphries

[Reply from the RockItt Management]: Dear Felicity, Thank you for your e-mail.  I'm sorry but you must be mistaken; the band have never played the 'Bag of Spanners' and Minty Clinch doesn't have any tattoos.  It is possible that you've seen one of the many RockItt tribute bands.  We do have an extensive collection of bras and other underwear, however, so it is possible that we may have something suitable for your friend Delores.  Send her vital statistics, phone number and a recent photograph and we'll see what we can do...

RockItt all heart

What can I say - you boys are all heart...!


Highland Shortie

[Reply from RockItt]: Not true actually.  We have a number of other internal parts like kidneys, lungs etc as well as various limbs and other bits and bobs.  Of course, several members of the band also have extremely large reproductive organs.  Shag Fury has a particularly impressive organ, we think it's made by Hammond.


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